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We experienced all kinds of different weather today at Sebago Leadership Camp. The morning run felt like a brisk fall morning. By mid-morning the sun was shining and the sunscreen was in demand. By mid-afternoon there was a crazy thunderstorm that briefly knocked out power, and finished with hail the size of walnuts dropping for ten minutes. During the Rosary, which we moved to the DeWitt Center to stay dry, there were rainforest conditions outside. Our reward at the end of all that, and a perfect lead in to our night games, was a spectacular double rainbow in the eastern sky followed by a breathtaking sunset in the western sky.

It was actually one of the most memorable days in thirteen years if the camp. By shifting around our classes, free time, and sports schedules we were able to get in a full days worth of activity and not miss any time outdoors. Because of the lightening the lake was off limits, as was the climbing wall and archery range, but the basketball courts and the gaga ball pit definitely got a workout.

The meals continue to please. Who doesn't enjoy a pancake breakfast with bacon? For lunch we had salad and chili stuffed baked potatoes, and dinner was a pork loin with rice capped off with ice cream sandwiches. Michelin recently awarded the cafeteria here a coveted third star.

The competition for the Sebago Cup has really heated up. Today Ebago Island rallied from eighth place to overtake the Donaldville Diamonds in a very tight race among all 14 cabins. Cabins earn points at sports for winning and for sportsmanship, for clean and creative cabin inspections, for writing articles for The Anchor, our camp newspaper, as well as for our capstone Friday day game and the talent show. We still have a long way to go!

Tonight during the gigantic Sharks and Minnows game we spotted Bigfoot lurking in the woods. The campers eventually cornered him in one of the cabins, but he miraculously escaped and is still at large. We suspect he may resurface during the bonfire tomorrow night.

Sad news. The fiendishly elusive murderer claimed two victims during the day. Tucker Tuffile, a fine young camper with a bright future, met his demise near the giant chessboard. And Andrew Ortiz, our dedicated engineering teacher and Sebago camper interviewer died a dramatic death which fortunately did not prevented him from working on their suspension bridges in class. But we are confident that in the end justice will prevail.

We all enjoyed our bedtime snack of milk and cookies, and after our examination of conscience set off for bed after another action-packed day. The sweet sound of taps wafted through the summer night at 10:30 on the dot, and a lot of sleepy heads hit the pillow to dream about tomorrow's events.

Monday at Sebago Leadership Camp was one for the ages. With the arrival of Paul Mahoney we are now at our full strength of 82 campers, 14 Senior Counselors, 14 Junior Counselors, and 5 Counselors-At-Large. Along with Bob Sylvain, Paul Reilly, Fr.Joe, Doc Barravecchio, and Coach Pacific, we top out at 120 people, our biggest camp yet!

After an invigorating morning run and a breakfast of french toast, sausage, cereal, fruit, bagels, yogurt, orange juice, and toast, we were ready to start our day. First up was cabin cleanup, followed by Mass at the DeWitt Center. All the campers then spent the rest of the morning rotating through our three classes. The engineering class meets in the Arts and Crafts building, and the first project is to build a tower out of spaghetti and marshmallows, with the winning tower the one that can support the most weight. Andrew Ortiz and Mike Williams are guiding the boys through the design and execution of the design. 

The Geography class began with each group selecting a mythical country and developing a plan to acquire the resources they need to overcome whatever natural disaster the roll of the dice sends their way. But it's not all disasters. Roll a 3 and you get an additional natural resource. By the end of the week we will have our country's future diplomatic corps fully trained. Mike Casey and Gabe Ohligher are teaming up to teach the class.

Finally, the boys meet with Conner Reilly for a catechism review in a room overlooking Lake Quacumquassett, one of God’s beautiful creations.

After a lunch of salad, chicken fingers, and fries the boys had a talk on Perseverance from one of the Senior Counselors. Then the sports competitions began! Our record size means each team plays 3 of our 7 sports each day. This year the sports are whiffle ball, soccer, gaga ball, kickball, basketball, ultimate frisbee, and handball.

During free time many of the boys took the swim test and began to enjoy swimming and kayaking on the lake. We launched Donny’s barge, and the flotilla was off! Other boys went to the archery range, the climbing wall, the basketball court, the gaga ball pit, and more. Several campers humbled Bob and Fr. Joe at tether ball.

Before dinner Fr. Joe gave a meditation to half of the campers in our Blessed Sacrament chapel above the cafeteria. Then came pizza night, followed by cabin meetings to prepare for the parade of flags later in the evening.

Cabin C led the Rosary at the shrine to Mary we set up in the newly-renovated outdoor amphitheater. Whichever team is in the lead for the Sebago Cup has the honor of watering the beautiful flowers decorating the shrine.

Then we had our long-anticipated Parade of Flags, when cabins debut their cabin name and cheer and show off their customized flags. That was a great lead-in to a hard-fought game of Manhunt. The game ranged over most of the 70 acre camp! After a bedtime snack and an examination of the day – was I cheerful, did I learn the names of all my cabin mates, am I praying for my family while I’m away, have I tried my best and persevered, everyone was ready for bed at 10:00 PM.

Lot's more coming tomorrow!


The camper have chosen their cabin name and designed their cabin flag. We had a very impressive parade of flags yesterday before the night game. Here are the rosters:

Patrick Flaherty – Senior Counselor 
Tim O’Brien – Junior Counselor 
Christopher Allen
Charles DeMatteo
Sebastian Haferd
Brendan Melley
Thomas Scordino
Michael Thekaekara

Christian Francis -Senior Counselor 
Dan Warner – Junior Counselor 
Sean Brown 
John Paul Buckley 
Peter Crumley 
Carlo Gulia
Mark Tierney
Luca Tocci

Thomas Rezendes – Senior Counselor 
Pedro Gallino -Junior Counselor 
Jake Blazek
Thomas DeSimone
Jamie Dovale
Justin Libertini
Ryan Witkowski

Chris Sullivan – Senior Counselor 
Derek Schirripa – Junior Counselor 
Peter Burke
Michael Burke
Andrew Flaherty 
John Garvey
Lukas Noriega
Sebastian Noriega

Domenic Bettinelli - Senior Counselor 
Tristan Brehany – Junior Counselor 
Matt D’Antona
Gabriel Devaney
John Paul Devaney 
Paul Simko
Owen Spencer
Matt Tarpey 

Bauti Gallino – Senior Counselor 
Jack Reilly – Junior Counselor 
Nathan Blazek
Matthew Dunn
Michael Hornby
Augustine Prieto
Felix Preito
Gerard Syntangco

Daniel Hufnagle - Senior Counselor 
Luke Ronayne - Junior Counselor 
Joe Cassidy
Jose Galindo
Jack McGee
Luke Monteiro 
Charles Monteiro 
Caleb Wells

Juan Perdomo – Senior Counselor 
JP Rezendes – Junior Counselor 
Charlie Dalsass
Jacob Dalsass 
Nick Dalsass 
Sam Derendorf 
Wolfgang Hieronymus 
Franklin Kiprop 

Luke Young – Senior Counselor 
TJ Nolan – Junior Counselor 
Gabriel Conboy
Theodore Conboy
Francis Devaney
John Kurina
Liam Secrist
Owen Wiser

Matt Ronayne – Senior Counselor 
Ethan Falcao – Junior Counselor
Peter Crevier
TJ Elrod
John Marcucci
Michael Reilly
Josh Salvaggio 
Andrew Schiller 

Mark Cheffers – Senior Counselor 
Paul Casey – Junior Counselor 
Josh Campbell 
John Fahie
Ryan Gonet
Christian Lennon
James Teague
Danny Young

John Towey – Senior Counselor
John Francis – Junior Counselor 
Peter Bachiochi 
Etienne Du Halgouet
Eamon Lyons
John Lyons
Paul Mahoney
Patrick McDonald

Javier Arellano – Senior Counselor 
Bern McGrath – Junior Counselor 
Joseph Accurso
Gavin McKenna
Luke Moran
Mark Suarez
Isaac Wolfgang

Zach St. Thomas – Senior Counselor 
David Baughan – Junior Counselor 
Oscar Cheffers
Liam Connell
Raymond Hain
Jim St. Thomas
Hollis Tuffile
Tucker Tufille

Junior Counselor: Dan Hufnagle (Massachusetts)
Michael Corra (Massachusetts)
Thomas Gaziano (Massachusetts)
Max Lyman (Massachusetts)
John Marcucci (Massachusetts)
Augustine Prieto (Massachusetts)
Senior Counselor: Gabe Oligher (Pennsylvania)
Junior Counselor: Dan Hufnagle (Massachusetts)
Michael Corra (Massachusetts)
Thomas Gaziano (Massachusetts)
Max Lyman (Massachusetts)
John Marcucci (Massachusetts)
Augustine Prieto (New Hampshire)
Senior Counselor: Gabe Oligher (Pennsylvania)
Junior Counselor: Dan Hufnagle (Massachusetts)
Michael Corra (Massachusetts)
Thomas Gaziano (Massachusetts)
Max Lyman (Massachusetts)
John Marcucci (Massachusetts)
Augustine Prieto (New Hampshire)
Senior Counselor: Joe Pakuluk (Virginia)
Junior Counselor: Michael Belger (Massachusetts)
John Paul Buckley (Massachusetts)
Peter Crumley (Massachusetts)
Carlo Gulia (Massachusetts)
Blake Martini (Massachusetts)
Hilton Peabody (Massachusetts)
Senior Counselor: Joe Pakuluk (Virginia)
Junior Counselor: Michael Belger (Massachusetts)
John Paul Buckley (Massachusetts)
Peter Crumley (Massachusetts)
Carlo Gulia (Massachusetts)
Blake Martini (Massachusetts)
Hilton Peabody (Massachusetts)