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There's pirate treasure to be found at camp! 


The last day of classes dawned bright and beautiful (again), and the morning run followed by a peach cobbler and syrup breakfast got everyone's blood flowing to get the most out of our last visit with great battlefield leaders, great debaters, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Fr. Joe's classroom, by the way, wins the prize as the most beautiful classroom on campus, situated on the second floor of the boathouse to enjoy the panoramic view of Lake Quacumquasit and the refreshing lake breeze.

Today was also the final day of organized team sports. The boys have learned a lot about organizing themselves, teamwork, sportsmanship, and giving their best effort all week long. Special shout-out to the counselor staff, who referee, coach, and cheer their teams on as they drive for the Sebago Cup!

We knew we were in for something special when we saw them drive in with their band equipment while we were saying the Rosary after dinner. The Lanchaster-based band "Paperchase", featuring Sebago alumni Nick Hannon, Andrew Ortiz, and Peter Murphy, along with Michael Smillie and Joe Murphy, arrived to provide a musical backdrop to our much-anticipated treasure hunt. They provided a fantastic jolt of energy as they played against the backdrop of a gorgeous East Brookfield sunset. But sunset was only the beginning of the hunt. The cabins hummed with activity as they solved the 12 clues written in a strange language known only to local pirates. Two hours in the adrenaline was pumping as 4 cabins got to the final clue at almost the same time! In the end, though, it was the Cabin P Pakistani Pandas that found the long lost booty of treasure.

Time to get some sleep to be in top shape for tomorrow's Olympics, Day Game, and Talent Show. Don't eat too much pirate candy, Cabin P! Aaaaarrrrrggggh!

PS, we are sad to have to report that the murderer is still on the loose, and that two more innocent campers were mercilessly dispatched during the day. But justice will out in the end: we have a murder trial scheduled for tomorrow evening. Let's hope we can stop the carnage!